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Our Christian brothers and sisters truly need a helping hand.Together we will be the voice for the Egyptian Christian Minority.
"We make a living by what we get, but we make a LIFE by what we give."
There is a need. There's a need to draw the attention to the suffering of our fellow Coptic Christians in Egypt. We need to fight the spreading of the Islamic Supremacy and Sharia(Islamic Law). We can do it together. Voice of the Copts and hopefully with you, will make these change by focusing on this 3 Key Issues:
  • Freedom of Religion
  • Cultural Rights
  • Women's Rights
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The La Casa Futura Project
Many Coptic refugees have fled to Italy for safety and a new life. La Casa Futura will be an opportunity (the only opportunity currently in existence) for young Egyptian Copts to go forward by learning a new language and job skills to assimilate into the work force of Italy. Keeping with our mission statement, VOTC will conduct open house forums within the Casa Futura facility as well as off-campus locations to promote mutual understanding between Egyptian Copts and Italian citizens. Click to Know More
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Who Are The Copts?

Copts are by far the largest Christian community in the Middle East. Ninety-five percent of Copts in Egypt are Orthodox and the remaining population is divided between Catholic and Protestant denominations. Copts living in Egypt represent between 15-20% of the total population of Egypt today.

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